Pastor Jacques Francois

Pastor Jacques FrancoisPersonal Biography
My call into ministry came at a very early age. Going to church and observing the preaching of other ministers, I always felt that God will appeal me one day to fulfill that role.  He is a faithful God, and his dreams for me have been realized. He has guided me in my studies of his word and other academic studies to have a broader knowledge of him in order to serve him and his people much better. I took faithful steps with God in my journey to make Jerusalem Community Church a reality. It is a dream comes true…

My preparation for ministry has been characterized by my involvement in going regularly to Sunday School and that later has played a particular role in shaping my life; there I had to learn and memorize almost all the Bible stories taught by different teachers. Sunday school has also shaped my life and my faith and has given me a good foundational knowledge of the word. It has also molded my fife and my faith in the right path for a good Theological foundation.

Through my years of adolescence, I was involved in youth ministry. I have a tender heart for young people and I am concerned deeply with the issues they are facing today; even as a senior pastor of the church, I have great regards for the youth. I want to help them grow in the wisdom of God, by sharing with them my experiences, my goals and most of all my endurance in applying the word in my daily life.

My background in assisting the elders at the church has helped me serve better, for, I had been involved in various committee levels of the body of Christ. When I was very young, I helped in the administration of the Lord supper besides the elders and deacons of my church.

All of these had prepared me to lead the flock of the Lord. Through seminary studies, my wife and I had always prayed for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to do God’s will. He had led us back to Florida, where in concert with a solid core group of believers, we had our inaugural service for Jerusalem Community Church on March 23, 2003.

God had continued to lead me in my calling to the ministry. He has equipped me with the necessary tools to be efficient in my vocation. Through the ups and downs of my life, he has been there for me all the way. I always count on him to give me strength, endurance and guidance through all the difficult times, and I consider serving Him “a blessing”.

I was born and grew up in a Christian family in the Northern part of Haiti, near the city of Borgne, in a country side named “Côtes-de-Fer”. Going to church has been a must for the kids of my family. I lost my mother due to appendicitis at the age of 9. It was a cheap death because there was no medical help available for her nearby; and in our way to the hospital she collapsed and died before my own eyes. My father had to move the whole family to Cap-Haitian to pursue his business venture and for us to continue our education. My mother had left behind four boys and two girls with my dad who later remarried and conceived three more children. Thanks to God and to my dad I was able to finish successfully my primary and secondary studies in Cap-Haitian. After my high school graduation, I left Haiti for the United States where I have been residing since.

God continued to pour his blessings upon me wherever I go. I have worked hard in this country to make a living, and to go back to school in order to have a solid education was another challenge. In 1992, I earned an Associate degree in from Miami Dade College. In 1994, I earned a Certified Respiratory award from Miami-Dade College. In 1996, I received a Bachelor degree in Biblical studies Major from Trinity International University; and in  In 1998, I took bold steps to go back to school and apply for graduate studies in a Master program at a prestigious Seminary in the United States of America: ”Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois” where I was accepted. I graduated in 2001 with a Master of Divinity. I am also a Certified Respiratory Therapist in the State of Illinois.

In November 20, 2004, unfortunately, my wife: Jeanne L. Francois, who was a Registered Nurse collapsed to a stroke in our way home (from Jackson Memorial Hospital) where she worked. She died a few days later and left me with two sons: Jason and Jared. The twin boys were born on January 29, 2002 in Lake Forest, Illinois right after my graduation from seminary, and after 14 years of marriage.  God is faithful because He promised that He would bless our marriage with children. I had experienced some though moments in the past while raising them and being the pastor of a young church at the same time. Thanks to God, they are doing fine and the ministry is going very strong.

Please help me in making possible the “Christian Center” a “reality for the glory of the Almighty God. “

Pastor Jacques Francois, M.Div.